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Create guilds and bond with others and make friends.
Some enemies can be ridden around!
Upgrade your weapons with various element such as fire and set things aflame!
Loads of equipment to choose from. Some funny, some powerful!
Mar 7, 2021


Eliatopia - Still in alpha development.

CONTROLS: WASD or arrows. Spacebar to jump. C to attack. E to pickup items. V to interact with objects.

Explore the new planet of Eliatopia, as you (a human from Earth) set off to explore the newly discovered planet inhabited by aliens. Play with your friends, or make new ones and explore the planet together. Fight monsters and even other players in PVP enabled areas. Progress your character through a huge collection of weapons and armor, skills, and ability points. What dark secrets does Eliatopia and its government hold? And what about it's correlations to Earth? Find out now!


Explained in-game

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